Another batch of muscle car wrecks crashes barncars and other wasted and neglected cool cars!

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  1. leemajors0831 Says:

    at 1:03 was that a 426 hemi? if it was i need it. ha

  2. ZachTheHedgehog Says:

    So all you did was just Google pictures?

  3. bigjp455 Says:


    Nope I google wrecked muscle cars ……….. Duh! lol

  4. oberpooned2 Says:

    tear :(

  5. greendayrules11 Says:

    At 1:31 that Corvette deserves it. Ha

  6. TheIhatewhitepeople Says:


  7. hnrksl Says:

    1:33 OWNED
    I bet the driver was like “Wooh yeah! this is aws-OH SHi–!”

  8. cave13 Says:

    OOO man the guy who hit the erns @ 1:25 THAT SUX .. but hey at least the ashes help out to absorb the fluids that the car had leaked…. sprry ppl just had to crack a joke LMAO

  9. bigjp455 Says:


    Is it a wreck? Is it a crash?Is it on friggen fire?…..Doom azz


    makes you cry

  11. Madmustangman99 Says:

    1:20 and 1:32 wtf and how

  12. BmoreGT Says:

    1:32…. thats definitely blood splatter.. holy fuck.

    im having deja vu lol, i feel like i posted on this before and noticed the blood before >_<

  13. bigjp455 Says:


    I speeled it dat way so U could reed it azzwipe……..

  14. bigjp455 Says:


    and I blocked you ;-) have a nice day…….Did I spell that right?


    1:25 wtf

  16. nathan0401 Says:

    0:15 how do cars get like that, i mean like why are they left there?

  17. crashthis69 Says:

    0:16 sad face………

  18. 04saleenboy Says:

    Viper drivers must be the most careless drivers ever because I see more wrecked Vipers than any other sports car, muscle car and exotic on the road.

  19. bnjnbvchjh Says:

    1:32 the driverĀ“s body surely became like a paste and probably leaked by the edges of a the car like play dough

  20. JOSHNME2 Says:

    brings a tear to my eye

  21. nerdasuck Says:

    Mussle is an artform and a way of life. as much as mussle car inthusest would like to not all can be salvaged. some must be left behind. but every mussle car has memories that will never go away.

  22. TJDeadkid Says:

    @04saleenboy vipers and vettes

  23. eemmarcano Says:

    Dam that vette under the semi!!!!!!!1 haha google pictures i though for sure those were all your cars

  24. sk84orever89 Says:

    alot of them could have been fixed for like 3500 bucks like look at the vette at 1:14 its not that bad i just hate how people do this in my town theres this guy with a 442 and the looks mint just clean it tune it up get some air in the tires and your good

  25. Cvandenhazel Says:

    omg, at 1;32 that is to hard, i wonder what was his speed..

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